Selecting Your Internet Niche

Beginning Internet marketers often wonder what the right niche is for them. It is important to understand the difference between a niche and a sub-niche.

A niche can be make money whereas a sub-niche could be make money from home, money making online, and so forth.

Once you understand how many categories a niche can have, you can be better prepared to choose a sub-niche that you can market to your target audience.

It is important to realize, in most cases anyway, that the niche you choose has probably already been done dozens of times unless it is something truly new.

That's why specializing in a sub-niche is so important, but even then you must have something different to offer visitors to your web site.

For example, if the niche you choose is work at home and your sub-niche is work at home opportunities, what can you offer your visitors that other sites don't? Think about all the issues that surround work at home opportunities and you might hit on something that few sites will have information about.

Common Beginning Internet Marketers Question

"How do I know a niche or sub-niche is right for me?"

The easiest answer is do what you like. In other words, if you love to get paid for doing surveys online and you have accumulated a bit of knowledge about this subject, then this could be your niche.

If you love a certain subject and are passionate about it you are more likely to stick with it through the various struggles every Internet marketer encounters. Not only that, but your passion will show in your work and you will be far more successful than if you were to choose a niche about something for which you have no personal feelings. It's just the way it works.

Often, when people have a hard time finding a niche they really like, it is because they have overlooked what it is they are already passionate about. They simply don't realize they already have a marketable idea.

This is understandable so the easiest way to remedy that problem is to do a keyword search of the niche you're already interested in. Maybe it is your hobby or a cause that you care about and you just haven't thought about it in terms of a marketable idea before.

Remember, when you do a keyword search you don't want to choose a niche that is already saturated. If too many search results come up, this means many people are probably already marketing within that particular niche so it may not be as profitable.

Still, you can use those searches to see what isn't offered, which may, in fact, turn into a profitable sub-niche for you. While fewer search results gives you room to grow, you donít want to choose a niche that no one is interested in.

Although less competition may be more attractive in the beginning, you want to choose a niche that people are already interested in. Try to do around ten keyword searches and than take the best five keywords and break them down into sub-niches. The sub-niches are where you will make the most profit because you will be able to target your audience. Take a moment to consider the following example:

Let's say your niche is leads and your sub-niche is home business leads. When people search for leads or home business leads, they are liable to come upon your site. However, you can specialize even more. You don't have to stop there though, as you can break it down into home business lead generation or home business lead broker and so on.

No matter which niche you choose, though, make sure it is something you truly care about because your writing be be a reflection of your true attitude throughout the site.

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