3 Free Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Web Site

From: www.TheByteConverter.com
While most beginning Internet Marketers think they need to spend lots money to drive traffic to their web sites, other saavy marketers begin immediately to drive traffic for FREE.

Most Internet marketers incorporate a variety of methods and then test and re-test those methods to discern which methods bring in the most traffic.

Signature Files

Signature files are probably the most overlooked way to drive traffic to your web site.
  • How many emails do you send a day?
  • How many forum posts do you make a day?
Most forums will let you put a signature file at the end of your name. This provides a link back to your web site and makes it much easier for people to find what you're selling or promoting.

This works particularly well when you are already involved in forums but if you aren't now, it is easy to begin. Just make sure you are actually making relative posts and contributing to the community or you may run the risk of your links being considered Spam.

Once you are a recognized member of a forum, people that you normally share information with will want to click on your links to see what you are up to and if you establish yourself as an expert in your niche, forum visitors will learn where to turn when they need information about your niche.

Article Marketing

Article marketing is another popular way to drive traffic to your site without spending any money. Remember, if you are choosing a niche that you are already passionate about, then chances are you have a lot of information to share without doing any research.

You can submit your articles to directories, many of which will let you include a link back to your site in a resource box at the end of the article. By submitting fresh content on a regular basis, you will increase not only the traffic to your site, but targeted traffic, which, after all, should be your goal in the first place.

Traffic Exchanges

One of the easiest and quickest ways to drive traffic to your site is by using traffic exchanges.

A traffic exchange works like this:

Sign up for a free account with a traffic exchange network and look at other people's sites and, in turn, they will look at yours.

Two Basic Types Of Traffic Exchanges

  • Auto Surf
  • Manual

Auto Surf

With auto surf, you don't have to look at the sites as it runs automatically. The downfall of this, of course, is that often, no one ever sees your site, although that is not always the case.


Manual is where you must click on a shape or number, which tells the exchange script that you have seen the site. You will have much better luck with a manual exchange than with an auto exchange simply because real people will actually see your site.

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