Traffic Exchange Tactics

From: Ed Zivkovic
What Exactly Are Traffic Exchanges and How To Use Them

Traffic Exchanges are mainly used by Internet Newbie Affiliate marketers who don't have their own web site yet, but are also used by professional Internet Marketing Experts to drive traffic to their web sites.

Traffic exchanges are especially useful for newbie Internet Marketers because they are not required to have their own web site and domain name. They can simply add their affiliate URL into the system.

The very best way to use a traffic exchange is to give something away for free like a Free eBook for example. The reason for this is because it is very difficult to make direct sales from the traffic exchange.

So if your affiliate URL sends traffic to a Free item which the user has to sign up for, your chances of making money are much greater because the affiliate program will continue to do marketing to your referral while you get credit for any sales resulting in the future.

Likewise, if you setup your own Free give-away item on your own web site, you can use traffic exchanges to drive traffic to your own squeeze pages.

This Short Special Report Reveals:

  • The Two Main Types Of Traffic Exchanges
  • The Five Benefits Of Traffic Exchanges
  • How Traffic Exchanges Work
  • How To Develop Your Downline
  • 10 Tips For Using Traffic Exchanges
  • Strategies For Generating Traffic Using Traffic Exchanges

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