Make Money For Life Giving Away Free Software

From: Ed Zivkovic
How To Make Money Giving Away Free Software

Have you been looking for an easy way to make money Online without selling anything?

Now you can get paid for life just for giving away this discount shopping software.

  • Get paid for each software that YOU give away!
  • Get paid each time someone you referred gives away the software!
  • Get paid again and again when people buy stuff!

The software will help your friends, family and website visitors do comparison shopping easily while doing searches with their favorite search engine.

With Online Shoppers spending billions of dollars each year, you can position yourself into a great lifestyle by helping others find bargains Online.

This has got to be one of the most quick and easy ways to make money on the Internet without any experience.

Marketing Tools

You'll get two different websites.

  • One to promote the Free Discount Shopping Software (live demo).
  • One to promote the opportunity (live demo).
  • You also get 5 different landing page styles which can be changed anytime with a few mouse clicks.
  • Printable flyers so you can promote the opportunity or the free software Offline.
  • A collection of follow up emails.
  • And don't forget the ready-to-go banner ads so you can advertise Online.


The earning potential here is huge because as you personally enroll others into your business and they begin giving away the Discount Shopping Software, you can qualify to earn 100 percent match pay on their efforts!

With Online Shopping revenue growing each and every year, your potential to make big money Online increases as more and more consumers shop around the Internet for price drops, bargains and deals.

Not only that, because you can brand any URL (link) into the software that you give away, your link will be in front of the user each time they do a search.

This branding feature should be a good selling point when promoting the opportunity to business owners!

No Experience Required

Because you will get your own unique web site, you don't need to learn HTML. All you need to do is tell people about the Free Software and send them to your web site. You can also register your own domain name and display your sites in a frame or add a redirect like I did. This is easy, looks more professional and does not involve any programming skills.

If you are stuck for traffic, you can use this FREE traffic exchange or make a FREE page on to drive visitors to your site straight away.

Of course if you already have your own website or mailing list, you can simply tell your visitors/subscribers about the Free Software and provide a link to the download.

Don't wait until one of your friends tells you about this! You should be the one telling your friends today (before someone else does).

To view a 3 minute video about this opportunity, visit