Now Your Clickbank Affiliates Can Promote All The Products In Your Clickbank Vendor Account

From: Ed Zivkovic


Without a doubt, Clickbank is the fastest and easiest way to start selling eBooks and software via their in-built affiliate program.

This is because you don't have to manage or track affiliate sales or pay the affiliates because Clickbank does all that for you!

Clickbank has thousands of affiliates ready to sell your eBooks, software, and membership website subscriptions which could solve your website traffic problems instantly.

The Problem With Clickbank

However, while you can sell up to 500 products from one Clickbank Vendor Account, the problem is that the default Clickbank affiliate system will only generate affiliate links for your top-level #1 main product. What this means is that if you want affiliates to send traffic to your other products directly, you would need to create another Clickbank Vendor Account. Clickbank Vendor Accounts cost $50 to setup, so this can get expensive if you have many products to sell.

The Solution

I just purchased a cool script and installed it into an affiliate area on one of my websites and I am very happy with the results :)

The script allows affiliates to send traffic to any page on the domain which it is installed and allows Clickbank to track and credit all sales to the affiliate who sent the traffic. What this means is that you can setup all your products on one domain and let the Clickbank affiliate army into just one affiliate area to generate their links!

In addition, the script uses stealth redirection to protect your affiliates links. What this means is that the affiliate link redirects to the sales page (Pitch Page) stripping the tell-tale ?hop=nickname from the URL. This also means that more affiliates will be likely to promote your products because it reduces the likelihood of commission theft!

Clickbank Stealth Redirection Demo

Here is a Stealth Redirection Clickbank Affiliate Link generated by the script at my affiliate area:

Tips For Use

Install the script into a subdirectory called info. This will generate affiliate links with the word info in the URL like the one above. You can name this folder anything you want, but I use info because it looks less like an affiliate URL.

Make a blog on your website with useful blog posts and plug these blog post URLs into the affiliate area. Each time you publish a new blog post, add the URL into the affiliate area. This will allow your affiliates to link to specific pages on your site without looking like they are trying to sell something to their readers.

Demo of Affiliate Link to specific blog post:


This really is a cool script which can save you lots of money because you don't have to create extra Clickbank Vendor Accounts. In addition, you will find that more affiliates are likely to drive Free Traffic to your products because the affiliate links are protected with Stealth Redirection which makes you and your website look much more professional.