Copyright Free Javascript Webmaster Tools

From: Ed Zivkovic

JavaScript Engines That Generate Tailor Made Code

Here is an easy way to play around with cut-and-paste scripts and grab some handy web tools while you're at it.


I was just visiting a really excellent site called There is a really big collection of webmaster tools here. Anyway, I read their Terms Of Use Policy, saying that you may copy, distribute or sell these scripts.

This reminds me of a web product which consists of a collection of scripts compiled into an ebook. This ebook is still being sold on the Internet today and brandable versions with resale rights are selling for up to $97. The ebook is called JavaScript Magic and you can download a totally Free copy by clicking here. (957kb) JavaScript Magic is an example of an easy to create web product.

There are several other ebooks around which contain various JavaScript Generators. Make sure you check copyright first before you compile any scripts you have not written yourself.

Free Web Tools

The site also has lots of handy scripts to use use in your web development activities. If you build web pages for yourself or clients, these scripts can quickly spice up your work.

You will find some good color selection tools, HTML builders, clocks and calenders, style sheet tools and more.

You also may be able to make some of the web tools available for use on your web site so your visitors can use them free. This could mean many repeat visitors and links from other sites.

Learn JavaScript

If you are interested in learning how to write your own JavaScript, there are many tutorials available on the internet. Here is a few links which could get you going.

More JavaScript

And finally, if you want to get your hands on some more Free JavaScript, The JavaScript Source have a good selection of JavaScript and Javascript Generators which you can use right from your web-browser.

All you need to do is input the variables into the fields and the JavaScript Generator will create your code instantly. Then you just copy, paste and save your code for use later.