How To Register Your Own Domain Name

From: Ed Zivkovic

Many people ask me how they can register their own Domain name. So here is a few tips that can get your Domain name registered immediately

To register a Domain will cost you a yearly registration fee. The amount of the fee depends on where you register the Domain name you want and what type of Domain name extension you want.

For example, a dot com (.com) extension is usually cheaper than a .info or .ws extension.

Usually, the place where you register your Domain name will give you a password protected member area to administer various tasks associated with owning a Domain name.

What this means to you is that you control your own Domain name, not somebody else who registers your domain name for you.

Where To Go

Here is a few places where you can go to search for and register a Domain name.


Compare the different prices and features you want with your account. Cheapest is not always the best. Test their customer support. I usually test customer support by sending an email with a question I may have. If the reply takes too long, I start getting worried.

Quick Tip

If you are stuck for a Domain name idea, try this Free Keyword Tool.

If your business is Online Dating, would be a good Domain name because Online Dating is a heavily searched term and the name reflects the nature of your business.

Another example: If you are making a website about Free Paid Surveys, would be a good domain because the name reflects the nature of the business.

Dashed-domains are hard to explain to humans. For example, you tell your friends to visit your site How do you actually say that? Work dash at dash home dash paid dash survey dot com? See what I mean?

The conclusion about this is - Do the fine math. Dashed domains will make it difficult for people to spread the word about your site but will make it easier for people to click on your search engine listings.

Domain Parking

Many people today register domains as a long term investment and use a free parking service to generate revenue without ever building a website or developing the domain in any way.

For example, some people make almost as much money from parked domains as their competition does with similar developed domain names. See The Dilemma of a Domain Owner for more information.

Domain Name Auctions

Domain name auctions allow you to buy a domain name immediately or make an offer by bidding for it. There are thousands of already registered domain names to choose from. The best domains to buy or register are ones with an already established source of traffic, OR, domains rich with frequently searched keywords.

Expired Domain Names

There is many thousands of expired Domain names. For some reason their owner has let the name expire. If you are lucky, you might be able to snap up a name that is listed on Dmoz or Yahoo. This could mean instant traffic to your site with almost no effort.

Final Tip

Above all, make your domain easy to say and easy to remember!

For example, even longer names like and are easier to say and remember than!