Product Development Tools

From: Ed Zivkovic

Software tools for Product Developers, and Internet Marketers

Hire a Programmer - If you have an idea in your head you can hire an talented freelance programmer pretty cheap. This site is a good place to spy on other product developers. :-) more

Flash Pal Protect yourself and your PayPal account from download thieves.more

eBook Software - This eBook Software now comes with remote disabling so you can disable an ebook if someone asks for a refund.

And so it should be. Why should anyone get to keep your product after they have received a refund?

It also comes with branding software so you can create viral traffic by allowing other webmasters to brand their eBooks with affiliate links. more

Ebook Cover Software - I've downloaded and tried several eBook cover software programs and have found the learning curve with most of them to be pretty steep.

I have found this eBook cover software to be very easy to use. That is, I created a cover in a few minutes the first time I used it. There are programs out there that create better looking covers, but I like this one because it is easy to use. more

Web Sales Letter Software - This software will create a stunning web based sales letter quickly. Can create an eBook Covers, Head Graphic (the large graphic at the top of web pages) and Mini-Sites. more

Head Graphic Software - This software will create a good looking head graphic for any web site. It comes with a bunch of graphic templates. The software allows you to write text on these graphics. I have found this software very easy to use. more

PDF Creator - This software will allow you to create a PDF (portable Document File) from any document which you can print. This is handy if you want to create an eBook type of product which can be viewed on a Mac system.

Important, this software has not got as many features as Adobe Acrobat Full Version. If you need more features or are not sure, it might be a good idea to compare the two programs. more