Full Strength Review of Rankings Revealed

From: Ed Zivkovic

Here's my point of view after reading Rankings Revealed by Sean Burns

Imagine this. Just because some site on the net wanted to check my meta tags, I thought the advice they were offering should be acted upon. Little did I know that this is a big waste of time.

Just because some site offers a free service to submit your site to "all the search engines" does not mean it will actually produce any results. It never has for me.

And what about linking to a link farm? Can this increase internet traffic at all or is this producing negative results? I tell you this, it is a big waste of time and produces negative results. This means that you were actually better off not being involved in such an activity.

Imagine this. I was considering buying a doorway page generator for 1500.00 bucks. This is how obsessed I was with the search engine positioning. This activity is not welcome by the search engines. It can get you banned!

Following the wrong advice which contains out dated information on the Internet wastes time and can actuallly have a reverse effect.

I do not need to buy search engine ranking software. I thought I did. Did you know that Google does not like certain software and they don't like automated queeries? Get the facts at Google Webmaster Guidelines.

Search Engine Optimization and Positioning

A high search engine ranking positioning is only made possible by following the right advice. I used to read online articles about meta tags and keyword stuffing and got nowhere. This made me upset because I wasted my time. Just because this advice is written down on some web page, does not mean it contains any value. Be carefull when following advice because it could be nothing but a waste of time.

High search engine ranking and optimization can only be achieved if you know what you are doing. Imagine that. I thought I knew what I was doing, but I did not. My mind was closed for a long time and not open to new ideas because my cup was filled with the wrong ideas about getting more traffic and search engines in general.

Shall I use a Search Engine Ranking Firm?

There is no need to go to a search engine ranking firm. It's been pointed out to me that if I go to a sick doctor, I will not get well because I will get the wrong or outdated advice or medicine. I think the same is true when dealing with any professional service. I have been told that some professional advice has resulted in entire domains being banned. Choose these services carefully.

Imagine wasting a whole night, week, or month or in my case years barking up the WRONG tree with the wrong search engine optimization tips.

At least I now know what not to do and I think carefully before I waste my time. Time is too precious to be spent optimizing a web site with the wrong advice.

Because I own a copy of Rankings Revealed, I know how to get a higher search engine ranking. I now have several pages enjoying free traffic as a result of being in the top 10.

Top 10 search engine ranking promises with guaranteed results is only possible by following people who are actually getting these results. Sean Burns IS getting these results and he knows what he is talking about. What's more, Sean's backup support is outstanding. He always replies to my emails and tries to help me with what I am up to. This is rare!

I am Now Getting Search Engine Results

I have only started to do this type of search engine optimization and am already starting to get high ranking in search engines. To date, I have not acted upon all the ideas. But the one's I have had time to apply are showing results. This is important because I am not wasting my time. The book cost me $50 bucks and I have saved thousands of dollars because I am not wasting my valuable time. This is what *I* call affordable search engine ranking.

I am now building my websites and optimizing at the same time. This too saves me a lot of time. I am following the right advice and have the ideas in my head to apply as I go. Building my site first and optimizing later is another big waste of time.