How To Create an eBook

by: Ed Zivkovic

Create HTML or PDF eBooks

Give your ebooks away as a viral marketing tool or sell them on the Internet the regular way or through your own members only website.

There is no doubt that ebooks are an excellent money maker and a great viral marketing tool because they increase website traffic.

1. Write Or Acquire Some Content

Anything you know how to do can be created into an information product. I mean anything! Anything you know about or how to do is a topic which you can write about.

Write Your Own

This is the best Free content because you control the distribution rights. It can be a few page report or as long as you like. The size of the product will depend on how much information is needed to explain what is in your brain.

Never try to increase the size of your product for the sake of increasing it's size to add perceived value. The value is in the information I want to discover. I want you to tell me how to do it and I want you to get to the point.

Get Free Content

To get moving quickly, you can get content that is in the public domain. When a title is in the public domain, it means that the copyright has expired. There are many public domain sources on the Internet. Take care when taking public domain works. The work itself will be in the public domain but the website HTML is not.

Private Label Content (PLR) is also an excellent source of pre-written material for your eBook projects. PLR content is an excellent alternative to Public Domain content because it is supplied in a digital format with a Resale Rights license.

In all cases, you can re-write the content and put your name as the author. PLR content is much easier to source than public domain content. Many Internet marketers today compile a series of PLR articles into an eBook with their own title. Then they create another eBook telling people how they got rich on the Internet selling eBooks!

Many affiliate programs now offer Free content to help their affiliates be more successful.

I have also used reports from my old Reprint Rights 2000 CD. While there is a lot of out dated information on these CD's, there are reports that will always remain timeless.

Timeless information includes information on business, advertising, customer service, life and happiness, cook books, formulas, philosophy, gambling systems, etc.

2. Build Your Pages

Build Pages From Word and Other Office Applications

Office applications like Word, Excel, Publisher, Access and Powerpoint can all be used to create a PDF eBook as long as you have Adobe Acrobat Full Version installed on your machine. Take note that the regular Free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader will not create PDF eBooks.

The biggest benefits in having your eBooks in PDF (Portable Document File) format (file-name.pdf) is that both Windows and Mac users can read your eBooks, the file sizes are much smaller and more people will download them because they do not have the .exe extention.

The biggest drawback to distributing PDF eBooks is that affiliate links become visible when the mouse hovers over the link. This is not a problem with compiled HTML eBooks because the status bar can be removed from the eBook.

    Warning: While Free and cheap PDF creation software will make a PDF, it is a common mistake to use such software and discover that the hyperlinks do not work and you cannot create bookmarks within the document. This is true in many cases except for this Free PDF maker. I however, use Adobe Acrobat full version to create PDF eBooks and white papers.

Build HTML Pages

In a previous article, we spoke a little about HTML. Once you know how to create even a basic web page, you can make an eBook. Do not try to be a design expert. Just get the information into the web page so it is easy to read.

Keep the pages clean and easy to read and keep annoying distractions to a minimum. Only use images if it compliments what you are teaching. Write your content directly into the HTML editor or you can copy and paste it from somewhere else.

If you do not know how to create web pages, you can download a free ebook template from the download section at this website.

Also, check this previous article for information on how to get Free web page templates, Free zip utility, Free HTML editor and a quick HTML lesson.

3. Compile eBook

To get HTML web pages and images into a single down loadable file, you'll need software to compile it. To do this, you'll need some kind of HTML compiler. The one you select will depend on how many features you want and how professional you want the product to look.

I have written another article about ebook compilers and other things they can do.

The article talks about the many uses of compilers, (not just for ebooks) and, just in case you are on a tight budget, I'll show you where to get a 100% FREE unrestricted HTML compiler so you can create an ebook immediately. Read the article.