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What I Didn't Learn At School But Wish I Had

This Free DVD by Jamie McIntyre reveals just some of the simple and yet effective strategies he used to make money from home on the stock market, in real estate and in business. Learn about Financial Literacy.

Only 3% Become Financially Independent

This may shock you but the Bureau of Statistics shows that 96% of the population at age 65 end up dead, dead broke on a pension. Only 3% become financially independent, and only 1% at age 65 will become rich... - Jamie McIntyre

Question: There are so many people who brag about having their own house, their own business or their investments in the stock market, but how come the above statistic shows that only 3% become financially independent?

Answer: Financial Literacy. Financial literacy is what allows those 3% to become financially independent.

Lack of financial literacy is the reason people who win the lottery end up back where they were in a few short years. They thought they were rich but the cash was flowing the wrong way. If the cash flows the wrong way, eventually it runs out.

The Secrets Of Money

Those born into a Financially Literate family (rich) learned the secrets of money around the dinning room table. They have inherited Financial Literacy which is nothing more than information.

Those of us who did not inherit this information must educate ourselves at any cost if our goal is to make it into the 3% of financially independent.

To make money from home is almost the same as making money in a dead end job because there is a difference between working for money and money working for us. Why?

Four Comparisons

    Dead end job: Sell our time for money. The more hours we work, the more money we make.

    Make money from home: Unless money works for us, we find that the amount of money we make still depends on the amount of time we put into our home business.

    Non home based business: Still need to work long hours producing values. Working in our own shop, or our own earth moving business will not produce freedom if the money being generated depends on us physically being there.

    Money works for us: We can do it from home and the money keeps coming in without working by the hour to produce values. We have learned how to generate passive or residual income.

The Secret? Don't discount this just because it is written in a free article. This is it! The real secret:
    The rich don't work for money. Their focus of attention is on ways to make money without doing all the dirty work. For example, there is a difference between being a business owner and somebody who owns a business and works hard in that business.

Make Money At Home Idea

Learn to make money work for you instead of you working for money.

Many people think that money making business opportunities are going to solve all their problems. They start a business and make lots of money but never learn Financial Literacy. Most end up being a slave in their business.

Their expenses go up, they have the capacity to borrow more money because their income has increased and they hope that their little business will continue to make money for ever.

But what if the money from that business stops? They have debt punctuated with a lack of Financial Literacy. If their business was making $100,000 per month, and they were spending $110,000 per month, they would be $30,000 in the red after just 3 months.

What Is Financial Independence?

When the money that keeps coming in from our investments and businesses becomes greater than our expenses, then we are wealthy.

You see, it's not the amount of money we have in the bank that defines how wealthy we are. It is defined by how long we can survive if we stop working today. If we need not work (in a job, business or anywhere else), and money keeps coming in to cover all our expenses, then we are wealthy because we have solved the real dilemma of money.

Because this is true, it is natural to conclude that if our outgoing expenses are always less than the amount of money we have coming in, it would be easier to become financially independent as long as we attain financial literacy.

2 FREE Financial Strategies DVD's

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