The Correct Way To Forward eMails

From: Ed Zivkovic

eMail Forward

This article I am writing for my friends who want to know how to forward email's the correct way so that everyone's email address is kept annonymous.

There is nothing worse than blowing away your friends email addresses.

This can result in your friends receiving unwanted emails from people who did not previously have your email address.

In this article we will learn how to send Blind Carbon Copy email Forwards. This can also be used when composing new emails.

First Add Your Own eMail to the Address Book

Most people I know use Outlook Express, so I will use this mail program to demonstrate.

First, add your own email address to your address book. To do this, open Outlook Express. Then click on Addresses. See screenshot below.

Now click on New from the address book window, select New Contact and add your email address to the address book. This will save you entering your own email address every time you want to send a Forward.

Forward The eMail

O.K. I already know that all of you are aware of where the Forward button is. So pick an email and click the Forward button. Now we will select the recipients. To do this click the To: button. See screeshot below.

A window called Select Recipients will pop up. We are now working from within this window. Select your own email address and transfer it to the To: field. To do this, click on your email address then click the To: -> button.

Now one by one, select the people you want to Forward the email to and transfer them to the Bcc: Field. To do this, select an email address then click the Bcc: -> button. See screenshot below.

Remember, the only email address that goes in the To: field is your own. Everyone elses email should go in the Bcc: field. This is a good way to send nice neat and tidy emails without openly revealing all email addresses.


Bcc stands for Blind Carbon Copy. Use this whenever you have multiple recipients to email. This keeps everyone's personal data annonymous from each recipient.

You can also Forward emails without hitting the forward key. To do this, select New Mail to compose a new email and follow the instructions above. The only extra things you have to do is:

  • Fill out the Subject Field.
  • Copy the body of the original email, then ..
  • Paste the original message into the body of the new email.

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