Free eBook Template

From: Ed Zivkovic
Download this free ebook template and create some ebooks to give away or sell as your own.

download ebook template 01

  • Very Lean (no images)
  • Button Menu System (see demo)
  • One Table
Download Now - - 8 KB

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Create Free Viral Traffic with eBooks

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to generate free viral traffic to your website, you might like to consider compiling an ebook or two and offering it for download at your website.

The eBook template offered here is a basic template that I use to make ebooks. Feel free to use it as your own. You can change the colors and text sizes from within the HTML or the style sheet.

It does not take much effort to create an ebook but it takes even less effort if you have a template to begin with, so why not create some eBooks from information that you already know and pop them up for download at your site.

If you are stuck for an ebook idea, why not get some free public domain material and create an ebook from that. There are thousands of electronic texts available for you to use royalty free in any way you like.

How To Download

Right-Mouse-Click on the download link and select Save Target As...

Download Now - - 7kb


You'll need a zip utility to unzip the file. A FREE zip utility is available from: Editing instructions are within the package.