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Gold Coast Australia

Gold Coast Australia

Gold Coast Queensland

Here is some pictures taken at the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia. more
Gold Coast Australia

Mount Tamborine Rain Forest Gold Coast

After heavy rain on Friday night I decided to go back to Witches Falls to see if the rain had an impact on the water level. On the way, I took a couple of photos. continue
Gold Coast Australia

Ribbon of Light - Burleigh Heads

Sunset photo taken from the top of Pat Fagan Park Greenmount Hill at Burleigh Heads. continue
Gold Coast Australia

Golden Sunset - Burleigh Heads

Photo of sunset on beach at Tweed Heads on the Gold Coast. continue
Gold Coast Australia

Cedar Creek Falls - Gold Coast

These photos were taken at Cedar Creek Falls Tamborine Mountain which is about a half an hour drive from the Gold Coast Australia. continue
Gold Coast Australia

Witches Falls - Gold Coast

Photos of Witches Falls Circuit bush walk. Includes photo of falls during drought. continue
Gold Coast Australia

Witches Falls Bush Walk - Mt Tamborine

Sunday was another fine Spring day to go for a bush walk up to Mount Tamborine. Today the Witches Falls Circuit looked interesting so off we went with the digital camera. continue
Gold Coast Australia

Tree Top Walk - Lamington National Park

Gold Coast Hinterland - Lamington National Park. Located about an hour from the Gold Coast, this is an excellent relaxing day out into nature. continue
Gold Coast Australia

Cedar Creek Falls - Mount Tamborine

Gold Coast Hinterland - Cedar Creek Falls on the way up Tamborine Mountain. Mt Tamborine is just a half hour drive from home so off we go for a nature fix. continue
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