Free Web Hosting and Domain Name Reseller Business

From: Ed Zivkovic

Discover how to start your own Private Label Web Hosting and Domain Name reselling business without paying a cent.

A 100% FREE business opportunity you can start now in the next few minutes!

Introducing Free Reseller Hosting.


Before you waste your hard-earned money on worthless money-making schemes that are getting around on the Internet these days, I want you to STOP and think for a moment.

At the end of the day, most people who are trying to make money Online need Web Hosting and Domain Names.

Why is Web Hosting a Good Source of Residual Income

The truth is always simple ..

Web Hosting is a good source of residual income because most people never change web hosting companies!

Even people who are unhappy with their web hosting company hardly ever move their website to another host (I myself am guilty of this laziness!). Why? Because it's a pain in the backside to move your website once it is established.

Oh, did I mention this opportunity is 100% FREE?

The Residual Profit

While most people trying to make money Online are trying to sell one-off items, the smart operators think in terms of Residual Income. The reason for this is because you sell once but continue to get paid over-and-over, month-after-month, year-after-year!

It makes perfect sense to focus your efforts on Residual income. Just do the math yourself. If you have just 500 clients producing $10 a month profit, you would be generating $5000.00 per month residual income!

Insurance sales people have known about residual income for years. They are happy to sell insurance year after year because they know that each policy they sell must be renewed each year. From that renewal, they get a percentage cut which translates into a handsome residual income.

The Problem With Regular Reseller Hosting

The problem most people face when deciding to become a web hosting and domain name reseller is that it is too complicated due to all the technical skills required to setup such a service.

Not only that, many web hosting reseller plans require that you purchase the web hosting first, and then divide the space to your customers after you make a sale.

In addition, you need to set up a credit card ordering system yourself, along with customer support which can the biggest headache of all (especially if you are not an IT expert).

The Solution

Introducing Free Reseller Hosting.

  • 100% FREE - Pay Nothing!
  • Credit Card Ordering Already Setup For You
  • They Handle All The Customer Support
  • No Technical Skills Required
  • Outstanding Reseller Support System

Note: While testing the support system by submitting genuine support requests, I was surprised to see my tickets answered within minutes!

Your Choice Of Currency

Default Store Currency

Easily choose what currency your store accepts. At time of writing, you can choose between:

  • United States Dollar - USD
  • Great British Pound - GBP
  • Euro - EUR
  • Canadian Dollar - CAD
  • Australian Dollar - AUD

Word-Wide Data Centers

Your customers can choose between 4 different data centers so that you can target specific customers in specific countries.

  • US Datacenter - American
  • UK Datacenter - British
  • AU Datacenter - Australian
  • SE Datacenter - Swedish
Web Hosting Data Center

Set Your Own Prices

Setting up your own prices is easy and painless through the reseller control panel. You can set prices for any products you have chosen to resell. You can choose to sell Domain Names, Web Hosting, Virtual Private Servers, and Dedicated Servers.

Set Your Own Prices

Your Own Private Brand

The Free Hosting Reseller company remains transparent at all times. This gives you the opportunity to promote Your Brand, not somebody else's! So instead of sending people through regular affiliate links, you can promote Your Brand instead.

If you have your own Domain Name, you can use it to display the reseller store. If you don't have your own domain name yet, register one and start promoting your own brand! Here is one of their stores I have setup on my own domain:

Why You Should Resell Web Hosting and Domain Names

Residual Income - You should consider reselling web hosting mainly because it's residual income potential. You even get paid each year for domain name renewals!

Reputable Business - You can be proud of promoting these reputable Online services rather than some illegal looking MLM scheme, or some shady smelling, hard-to-believe business opportunity where you have to pay them every month just for the privilege.

No Capital Investment - There is absolutely no capital investment required to participate as a web hosting reseller. If you have a long-term plan, you should however buy your own domain name in order to promote your brand.

No Technical Skills Required - No need to know anything about running and configuring your own server.

No Merchant Account Required - All the Credit Card processing, order taking, and product delivery systems are already in place!

They Do The Customer Support - At no time will you be required to handle customer support.

Complete Anonymity - The system is completely anonymous which means that your customers will never know that you are a reseller. What this means is that you will be promoting your own brand.

Promote Locally - Most business owners don't know how to setup their own domain names, web hosting etc. For this reason, you can get some business cards made and promote yourself to local businesses. The system even has a point-and-click website builder tool so you can even promote that to these business owners.

Note: You can even help these local business further by positioning yourself as a web designer. Use the point-and-click website builder tool to design a website for the business owner and charge a fee.

Why Start Today?

If you start right now today and make it a goal to get 500 - 3000 clients in the next 5 years, how much better will your lifestyle be? Even if it takes a little longer, is it not a great thing to have residual income coming in month-after-month?

If you do nothing else other than hand out your business cards to people you meet in the years to come, you could eventually be on your way to the freedom you crave so much. If you hand out your business card, or if you don't, 5 years will still pass.

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