How Can I Make Money On The Internet For Free?

From: Ed Zivkovic

Make Money At Home Ideas

Each of the following strategies do make money. The mistake people make is to try one for a few days or weeks then give up after they discover they did not get rich quick.

Quitters never win and winners never quit. Scattering your energy into more than one project will produce little or no results.

Start Your Own Web Hosting Business

Today, more than ever, there is an increasing number of people who want to put their own website on the Internet. When people want a website, guess what? They need a domain name and web hosting. This is your opportunity to generate residual income month-after-month, year after year.

The good news is that this opportunity is 100% FREE. Click here to learn more about the Reseller Hosting business.

Free Affiliate Program Business Opportunities

Join affiliate programs for FREE and make money from every sale you refer.

Affiliate programs allow you to join up for free and make money by promoting your unique affiliate. The more people you send through your link, the more money you can make.

Free Master Resale Rights

We have a several titles here at which you can resell and keep all the money!

See more eBooks with free resale rights.

Free Paid Surveys

Free paid surveys can provide a source of immediate cash flow.

Paid surveys do have their limitations though. One big drawback is that we have to continue to do surveys in order to make money. If we stop doing the the surveys, the money stops too. The other drawback is finding the right surveys to do in order to make lots of money.

Be careful when selecting a paid surveys program.

Make sure it is a real program which does not charge money to join up. There are places on the Internet which pose as a paid survey company but all they want us to do is pay a fee in order to gain access to all the survey companies.

There is nothing actually wrong with paying a membership fee to access a database of paid survey companies, but as long as people are aware that real paid survey companies usually do not charge for the right to participate.

Also, be on the lookout for surveys that do not pay real money. Each survey company offers many different types of surveys with a variety of different payout methods. Some surveys pay in credits and points which are redeemable for products while others pay cash.

Online Auctions is the best Online auction to start selling stuff because it has millions of users browsing all the categories looking for things to buy. Thousands of people now make a full time living selling stuff at Online auctions like eBay, and eBay power sellers are reported to be making over $100,000 per month.

What To Sell

Just browse all the different categories at and and see what others are selling. If certain sellers continue to sell similar items week after week, month after month, this is a clue as to what is selling.

Also check eBay Pulse for a list of common search terms and most watched items. If people are searching for it, it means that they want to buy something. There are lots more eBay Pulse categories.

Many people sell their own items. They find different ways of buying merchandise for a low wholesale price and then sell it at action for a profit. After the item is sold, they post the item to the purchaser.

eBay Cash Machine is a service which provides auction training and can connect you with over 250,000 wholesale products.


Many people use drop-shipping to deliver the products. The advantage of this method is that they never stock any inventory and are not involved in the product delivery phase.

They sell the item for a profit and receive payment. Then they take out their cut. Then they pay the wholesale price to the drop shipper. The drop shipper then delivers the item.

The biggest disadvantage with drop-shipping is that you might sell an item which means you also got paid for the item but for some reason the drop-shipper cannot supply the item.

This can get messy because you have to return the money and you might get some negative feedback which is not a good thing. This happens more often than people let you know about. A guaranteed source of supply is essential if you want to go ahead with this deal.

eBooks and Software

Some people like to sell products that can be delivered by email or a download page. This means that they do not have to pack or post anything. Examples of these kinds of products include eBooks and software.

2 ways to own software and eBook titles.


An ebook can be written directly out of ones head or one can get a hold of free public domain material to use as content. The eBook can be delivered electronically as a compiled executable program or in PDF format. More info about creating eBooks.


Free software program with resale rights.