How to Autorun a CD - Brandable Webmaster Edition

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Use How to Autorun a CD to generate Free Viral Traffic to your web site and earn income when someone makes a purchase from your Site Sell Affiliate link.

Please note that this is not some garbage eBook riddled with affiliate links and ads distracting readers from the content of the eBook.

Your visitors will find that this eBook will teach them the secret to easily autorunning CD's quickly and easily without buying expensive autorun software. You will be proud to give away How to Autorun a CD to your visitors.


  1. Download How to Autorun a CD (autorun.exe)
  2. Download the branding software (brander.exe) to the same directory as autorun.exe.
  3. Use the branding software to brand your name and web site URL. This information will appear at the top and bottom of every page (including the copyright notice).
  4. Upload the ebook to your web site and provide a download link to the file autorun.exe.
Reprint Rights

How to Autorun a CD comes with Free Reprint Rights so you can give away as many copies as you like without paying any royalties fees ever.

You may give away the reprint rights to this eBook and allow others to give it away from their website. You do not have to give away the branding software.

Free Viral Marketing

Free eBooks are a proven viral marketing tactic. Each time someone opens up How to Autorun a CD, your name and URL will be in their face on every page. You can add your Home Page URL or any affiliate URL.


Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP or better.