Free Slide Show Software

From: Ed Zivkovic

Create Your Own Digital Photo Slide Show


When I go out to birthday parties and other social events, I usually take my digital camera with me.

I used to make a digital photo album of these events, burn it to a CD and give it away. The digital album consists of compiled HTML web pages. Once compiled, the photo album is a single executable file just like an eBook.

LPG Slide Show Software

These days, I create a picture slide show with a SlideShow Freeware called LPJ-Slide show. Everyone is impressed when they see themselves in the slide show.

This is a Free slide show software program. It does not contain spyware and is not crippled in any way. No instalation is required. You just burn LPG-Slideshow files onto your blank CD along with your digital photos. Simple instructions are included.

Not only can you create a picture slide show quickly with LPG-Slide show, but the program allows you to play MP3's. This really makes the whole thing really cool.

Another way to share the slide-show is to create a digital photo album and burn it to the CD along with the slide-show. The photo album is set to autorun when the CD is inserted into the drive. To execute the slide-show, I use a special link inside the photo album. This way, viewers can look at still images and any time can click to start the slide-show. The compiler I use for this is called WebCompiler.

To create a digital photo album, just follow the instructions on how to create an ebook. The result will be an eBook that is called a photo album.

Autorun The Slide Show

In a previous article, we spoke about getting a CD to autorun. The instructions at LPG Slide show also show you how to autorun the CD. This means that when the CD is inserted into the drive, it starts automatically.

Further SlideShow Information

DVD SlideShow Builder creates SlideShows which can be played on an ordinary DVD player and watched on TV.

Get free slide show software for your web site. Download the script and upload it to your web site along with your photos and presto, instant slide show.