SlideShow Freeware

From: Ed Zivkovic
Here is a SlideShow Freeware program to create a CD SlideShow with music and watch on your PC desktop.


In a previous article I wrote about a cool freeware Slideshow Program called LPG SlideShow where I supplied a link to the developer's website where the program could be downloaded.

Recently however, a reader of emailed me and said that the link was no good. After searching the Internet all day looking for the developer's new website without any luck, I have decided to post the SlideShow Freeware for download here and removed the old dead link.

Create SlideShow with Music

To create a photo SlideShow with music, all you need to do is add photos and mp3's into the folder with the Slide Show program. You can run the program directly from your computer or it can be burned to CD.

The download already contains a few demo photos and mp3's so you can see how it works.

Slideshow Freeware Files

The SlideShow program has a start-up screen with text and a button to start the Slide Show. The text on the start-up screen can be customized with your own text by editing SlideShow.ini. SlideShow.ini also contains other settings for the slideshow you can play around with.

The best way to see how it works is to run the program and watch the demo. Then you will see the text on the start up screen and will be able to find it in the SlideShow.ini file so you can edit it.

Note: Edit SlideShow.ini with a plain text editor such as Notepad which is the default plain text editor on Windows machines.

Note: No installation is required. The program works simply by running it (double-clicking). What this means is that you can copy the program any number of times to create different SlideShow projects.

The download itself represents a SlideShow project. Simply copy and paste the entire folder to begin creating a new project.

CD SlideShow

After the photos and mp3's have been added, and SlideShow.ini has been edited, the SlideShow can be burned to CD.

The download also includes a file called autorun.inf which should cause the CD SlideShow to Autorun (AKA AutoPlay) when inserted into the computer CD drive.

Works With Windows 7

I have tried LPG Slideshow Freeware on my Windows 7 machine and it works fine. I have also used it on Windows XP but have not tried it on Vista.

LPG SlideShow does not work on Mac machines because it is an executable program designed for use with Windows Operating systems.


LPG SlideShow Freeware does not work in DVD players. It can only be played on windows PC's. To make a DVD SlideShow that can be watched on TV, you'll need a DVD SlideShow Builder.

Improve Performance

Optional: Compress photos to speed up loading and reduce computer strain. It makes no sense to load huge photos into the slide show which are larger than the screen. If you re-size and compress the photos, the SlideShow program will load the photos fast making it much more enjoyable for the end user.

Download SlideShow Freeware

Right-Mouse Click on the download link and select Save Target As...

Download Now: - 2MB