Trafficswarm Free Web Site Traffic

From: Ed Zivkovic

Increase Internet Traffic with Trafficswarm for FREE

I have 958 members in my Trafficswarm downline. This is generating nice Free traffic to the web sites of my choice.

The Trafficswarm start page program is quick and easy to setup. Once you sign up, there are several ways to earn credits.

This system is:

  • 100% Free!
  • Automated - 5 minutes to set it up, then forget it
  • Targeted - you'll get only real, targeted traffic
  • Viral - your traffic will increase exponentially

How To Earn TrafficSwarm Credits

The easiest way to earn credits is to set your browser's "start page" to your own personal Traffic Swarm URL. This way, every time you open your web browser to surf the Internet, you'll earn a credit. You'll also earn 1 - 1000 credits every time you visit another member's website through your Trafficswarm start page.

Simple to follow instructions on how to set your start page are in the members area. If you are using Internet Explorer 5 of higher, you can simply click a link to set your start page automatically.

Another way to earn credits is to give away Free ebooks with your TrafficSwarm ID embedded within the eBook.

You can create your own eBooks or start with our FREE brandable version of Scientific Advertising. Use the supplied Branding Tool to brand Scientific Advertising with your name, your URL and your TrafficSwarm ID number.

You need not have your own web site to participate with this program. As long as you have a URL (such as an affiliate URL) to promote, you can join.

If you do have your own website, there is a number of other free webmaster tools available for you to use, such as a free searh box or free link box. These tools are designed to get your Trafficswarm URL more exposure.

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Our Free Mini-Site Generator also comes with a Free Branding Tool which allows you to brand the software with your name, your URL and your TrafficSwarm ID number.