How To Get a Slide Show on Your Web Site

From: Ed Zivkovic

Make A Free Slide Show

This article reveals how to get a slide show on your web site using a free PHP script called PHPslideshow.

Here is a slide show I created with this program in a few minutes.


  • Download - 18kb
  • Unzip
  • Upload template.html and phpslideshow.php to your photo directory.
  • Upload some photos to your photo directory.
  • Point your browser to phpslideshow.php to view the photos.
  • Click the start slideshow link to start the slide show.

How To Add Your Own Title

To override the default page title, add the title that you want into heading.txt and upload it to your website into the same directory where the script is located.

How To Add A Different Description For Each Photo

Open pics.txt and add the photo file name and the description you want to appear and upload this file to the same directory where the script is located. Example:
    photo-1.jpg;your description
    photo-2.jpg;another description
    balcony-1.jpg;North Haven Balcony Adelaide
    sunrise-1.jpg;Surfers Paradise Sunrise
    sunrise-2.jpg;Another Surfers Paradise Sunrise
    sunset-1.jpg;Sunset North Haven Adelaide
    townsville-storm.jpg; A tropical thundestorm brewing in Towsville Queensland

Editing The HTML Template

The template which controls how the slide show page looks is called template.html.

The template can be opened and edited with Notepad or this free HTML editor.

The background colors, text size/color, link size/color and other properties can all be changed to look how you want.

You can even rebuild the template from scratch but you must insert the Placeholders which tell the script where to display the photos, text and navigation controls. Likewise, you can also insert the Placeholders into a free web template. There is no need to insert all the Placeholders. More info about editing template.html in the README.txt file.


Because this is a PHP script, your web hosting account should have PHP installed and you should have FTP access to your web site in order to upload the files.


PHPSlideShow written by Greg Lawler

More About Photos

Image compression software will compress photos to a fraction of their original size with no quality loss which means webmasters can reduce bandwidth usage considerably. Compressed images are handy for emailing and web use because images will download much quicker.

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