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Bandwidth Calculator

From: Ed Zivkovic
The last thing anybody needs is an extra bill from their web host. A sudden burst of traffic can get you extra bandwidth bills from your web hosting company.

If you are going to submit your site to very busy sites, find out from that site's webmaster how much extra traffic you should expect. Then, work out the size of your page and see if that extra traffic will remain within your bandwidth limit.

If you have Internet Explorer, you should be able to use the Bandwidth Calculator below. It will not work in other web browsers.

This bandiwidth calculator can also be downloaded to your machine but Internet Explorer is still required.

The Byte Converter

The Byte Converter by Malte Philipp will convert kb to mb, gb to mb, bytes to gb and all variations in between.

1 Byte = 8 Bit
1 Kilobyte = 1024 Bytes
1 Megabyte = 1048576 Bytes
1 Gigabyte = 1073741824 Bytes

The Byte Converter
Byte Kilobyte Megabyte Gigabyte
The Byte Converter by Malte Philipp. Style by


For webmasters who want to put this bandwidth calculator on their web site.

Download Now - - 28 KB