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Color Wheel

From: Ed Zivkovic

Use this color wheel to determine an RGB value for that color


Click anywhere inside the color wheel and a six digit RGB (red, green, blue) value will be displayed.

Enter this value into your HTML to change the color of backgrounds, tables, table cells etc.

Once you click on a color, the entire background of this page will change to that color.

To change the brightness, type the percentage value into the brightness field and hit the Tab key. Changing the brightness value will change the RGB value.

Examples: #FFFFFF is white and #0000FF is blue. So, to change the background color of a:

  • WEB PAGE to white, the code would look like this: <body bgcolor="#FFFFFF">

  • A TABLE to Blue, the code would be: <table bgcolor="#0000FF">

  • A TABLE DATA cell (TD) to Red, the code is: <td bgcolor="#FF0000">
  • A TABLE ROW (TR) to Teal, the code is: <tr bgcolor="#408080">
  • You can also change hyperlink color.

RGB Color Wheel

This color wheel works with IE web browser and not with Mozilla Firefox. Not sure about other browsers.

Red:    Green:    Blue: 

Brightness: %

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Coloring Table Backgrounds With HTML And CSS:

Color Resources

Color Wheel Courtesy of
More HTML color codes.

Web Safe HTML Color Codes

TIP: There are 216 web safe HTML color codes which will display colors correctly in all web browsers. Pick a color from the color chart and use the corresponding hexadecimal number to set the attribute value.

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