Traffic Virus Ebooks

From: Ed Zivkovic
Here is another Free unrestricted HTML compiler.

It is called Traffic Virus Ebooks and can be downloaded from - NOT ..

Stop Press! The webmaster from asked me to link to him because he really had a Free Unrestricted HTML compiler with branding tool, however, after just visiting the site after a couple of years, I can no longer see the compiler, therefore the link has been removed.

Check this Free HTML eBook compiler instead.

Short Review

Compile your HTML eBooks and even make brandable eBooks.

Distribute your brandable eBooks to start a viral marketing traffic virus to your web site.

I downloaded Traffic Virus Ebooks and made an eBook in a few minutes without reading any help file.

I tested this eBook compiler software by compiling my free ebook template which contains a Form Button Menu and an external stylesheet. Traffic Virus Ebooks compiled my eBook without any trouble. The Form Button Menu still works plus the CSS web page design remains unaltered.

One interesting thing about Traffic Virus Ebooks is that the program does not create a seperate project file. To work on a project, you need to launch Traffic Virus Eooks and open an eBook you have previously compiled with this program.

Traffic Virus eBooks Requirements

This is a Windows software. I am not sure which versions of Windows it will work on but I tested in on Windows XP SP2 and it seems to work fine.

Traffic Virus eBooks Program Icon There is no installer. This means that you do not have to install it onto your computer. Just double-click the downloaded program icon TVEsoftware.exe to run the program.

The help file user guide is a seperate download. There is also 3 instructional web videos to help you get started.

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